Future of the International Monetary System

What is the Impact group about?

The structures of the international monetary system have decisive influence on the global distribution of poverty and wealth, political power and individual chances. Knowledge about this system, however, is available only to a minority.

CISS’s Impact Group ‘Future of the International Monetary System’ wants to raise awareness about those structures of the international monetary system and make knowledge available to a broader population. We want to bridge the gap between academic research and the process by which public opinion is formed and democratic positions are adopted. For this purpose, we develop an online tool, based on an innovative methodology to convey complex macro-financial interdependencies.

The online tool will contribute to democratizing expert knowledge by giving intuitive access to global financial interdependencies within a web of interlocking balance sheets, rather than representing them merely through mathematical formulae. After completing the tool, the Impact Group will organize public relations activities via a number of online and offline events.

If you are interested in supporting the Impact Group, please get in touch with the project team. While we are grateful for any kind of support, good empirical knowledge about the international monetary system would be an asset. Moreover, at the current stage, we need particular help with fundraising, graphic design and software development.

Relevant scientific publications

Project team

Project team

Dr. Steffen Murausteffen.murau@ciss.eu
Ludwig Schulzeludwig.schulze@ciss.eu
Mathis Richtmannmathis@oija.de
Katharina Langekatharina.lange@ciss.eu

Current Status

We are developing an interactive online tool to map the mechanics of the Offshore US-Dollar System. We are currently raising funds and are looking for project partners.

How can you get engaged?

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