Foreign Policy Talks Berlin

Connecting the young generation of foreign affairs and international relations: The Foreign Policy Talks bring together young people with decision makers and experts of today in the format of informal “fireside-chats” to discuss current foreign policy issues in Berlin.

What are the Foreign Policy Talks?

Our fireside chats bring together young people with decision-makers and experts of today to discuss current foreign policy issues. We offer CISS members the opportunity to meet interesting personalities from Berlin’s foreign policy-scene.

Among others, our guest included David Wallace (head of the political division at the British embassy in Berlin) Knut Abraham (head of division at the federal chancellery), Dr. Wolf-Ruthart Born (former undersecretary of state at the Federal Foreign Office) and Botschafter Dr Hinrich Thölken (permanent representative at IFAD in Rome).

What do we want to achieve?

With the Foreign Policy Talks, CISS follows four concrete objectives:

  1. Raise interest for issues of foreign policy and international relations
  2. Bring participants together that share an interest in foreign policy
  3. Receive expert input regarding current foreign policy issues
  4. Demonstrate opportunities to work in international relations

How can I contribute?

There are a number of opportunities of how you can contribute to the Foreign Policy Talks:

  1. Come to an event: Each time we can only invite around 15-20 people in order to ensure a good atmosphere for our meeting. Some participants only join for a specific issue, others come regularly. Each event is advertised seperately.
  2. Suggest a topic or guest: We are always open for suggestions!
  3. Operative supprort: Setting issues, finding a suitable location and date, invite experts and participants, advertise the event, look for financial support and logistically support on site – drop us a line if you would like to participate in the operative aspects of our fireside chats!
Coordinators of CISS's Foreign Policy Talks


Upcoming Events:

The last event was held in the Estonian Embassy in Berlin on 19 October 2022.

We’re always looking for new IG members! If you have a concrete idea for a talk send us a message to!